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I forget the model designation, but Tony did produce the SW800's you describe as a later series -- not a lot of them around. I forgot the details of our conversation about them, but I recall it being an aesthetic thing -- the 5 driver SW800's we5r... 
I have SW800's and drive them using a Kinergetics KBA75 (100w Class A). If you want something small to hide behind the subs, look at the Meitner MTR101 mono blocks. BTW, how did you decide you needed at least 300 watts? 
Biggest Subwoofer Ever Made
Can I combine the 10 ten-inch drivers on my SW800's and count it as 100 inches? ;-) 
stereophile class b cdps of the past....late 90s
EAD DSP 9000 or Resolution Audio Quantum. These 20-bit DAC's still more than hold their own with current offerings. 
theta data ii transport remote control
The Monarchy DT40 was based on the same Philips unit. This remote should also work, if you happen to spot one for sale. 
Martin Logan CLS panel distortion
JohnK,Let me get this straight...on another thread you claim that 5 of 8 ML speakers you've owned have "failed". I have not known 5 *owners* who have had these kinds of problems, (within a reasonable time frame -- let's say several years), let alo... 
Amps for CLSII?
Send the interface boxes back to ML if teh serial #'s indicate that they do not have the "shut down" feature. Jim Powers or Dave Pehnrod at ML can advise you whether this is necessary. Early CLSII's are the only ones that do not "power down" after... 
Martin Logan CLS panel distortion
BTW... all CLS 1's,later serial # CLS II's and all CLS IIa's "power down" if no signal is received after 20 minutes. So the "air filter" theory goes out the window. 
Martin Logan CLS panel distortion
Yeah, seven years can realy try a man's patience. BTW, I've had near-new panels for five years. I guess the problems will be forthcoming. Maybe I should set up a wok near the speakers to expedite this. LOL. I seriously doubt that you have ever own... 
Subs for Martin Loagn CLSIIs
If you cannot find the SW800 towers (5 10" drivers per speaker) you may be able to find the smaller SW800's (I think these had two of the same 10" SEAS per speaker). The key is getting the SW800C crossover which has software specific to the CLS. T... 
Help with Martin Logan Aerius Speakers
I don't recall whether the Aerius allows for this, but if it is possible, you might try to bi-amp. I think you will have much better results. To get the most our of your speakers you need to fuel them properly. Hence, my original question regardin... 
Help with Martin Logan Aerius Speakers
All good general suggestions. What are you driving them with? Choice of amp(s) is critical. Also, given the dimension of your room, you could go with a larger ML if the opportunity presents itself. The Aerius is a fine speaker for its size, but it... 
Best transport for USD500
First choice: EAD T-7000. Next: Original Theta Data or Monarchy DT40A. All right around your price range. 
Sound Lab M1 vs Magnepan 3.6
Nothing wrong with the 3.6's, I like 'em. A lot. But all I know is when I grow up, I'm going to get a pair of U1's and a pair of good OTL amps. To my ears, the most pleasing sound on the planet. My CLS/SW800 Mini-Statement system will not be misse... 
Which best 5U4GB rectifier tube- Mesa Boogie or ??
Don't know specifically about the 5U4GB, but Mesa simply re-labels ordinary, current production stuff. Their 12AX7 is Chinese and the 5881's are Sovteks. Having listened to both of these "Mesa" tubes I guess that you would do better with NOS, even...