My MC 2205 Amplifier is smoking???

Hello Friends, I am new here because of an inheritance of a Vintage McIntosh System. I will not go to deep down that story again as I already introduced myself. The reason for this post is I received my RCA and Speaker wiring today and couldn't wait to give this baby a test drive to asses the needs.

After some tinkering I was able to get a station to come in clear and a decent volume to come out the speakers.

The good news is, the speakers are worth salvaging with maybe a rebuild and a clean up. THe bad news is the Amplifier is producing smoke. I removed from the Casing, and dusted a bit more, I am hoping it is just because it was sitting for 15+ years.


Any thoughts???


PS. I am in SO CAL if any one knows a good tech to take on some of this work. 


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@basicname, there is a repair station on vermount and sunset in los angeles. it's called 'solutions' they've been repairing old equipment for many, many years! their phone number is 3236664161.there's another place called 'george myers' by the u.s.c area but i heard they are not cheap! good luck!