MY SONIC LAB Cartridges

I'm considering the Hyper Eminent for my Shindo/Altec setup. The table is a Kuzma Ref 2 and Ref 313 gimbaled bearing arm. My question only has to do with sonic flavor. I was going to go with a Koetsu Rosewood Sig, but as much as I love Koetsu, I think it will be too warmly balanced in my setup. So I'm looking for a slightly more neutral sound without  dipping in to brands that tend to hyper detail the event. I think many of us know what lines they are, so let's leave specific names out of this thread. Let's just say I'm looking for a more linear, dynamic sound, yet still retaining enough body. 
"I hope the other things you learnt during your employment in the cycling manufacturing industry were founded on fact."

I didn’t feel the need for detailed properties. Most know it’s a few keystrokes to EXACT information.
It’s still aluminum. Duralumin for a bike frame was considered...meh

The EMT's are very good, and often overlooked. I would say the same is true with MSL, though I've yet to hear one. I think there is something with the Alnico magnet that gives a forceful drive to the proceedings which works well with Shindo. The way my TSD 75 has performed makes going a different direction feel like quite the venture. 
In fact, there is a fair chance I may cave and go with EMT again. Their new series (Noble ?) is supposed to be mega bucks, so I would likely go pure black or Lime.The EMT is not considered to be a soundstage champ, but they offer a very pleasurable listen. 
It’s still aluminum. Duralumin for a bike frame was considered...meh

Wrong again.
duraluminum is an alloy - a composition of aluminium and other elements.

Why do you think a material not used in bicycle frames should not be used in a phono cartridge - do you put treacle in your car - its runny just like oil ??