Myryad CD600

Has anybody bought this player and what are your impressions please?
I have Myryad MCD 200, and Myryad Z110 CD players. MCD-200 is not much different from MCD-600. Physically identical, but there are few internal electronics difference between both. Especially in DAC section. I really really like my both Myryad CD players. Some features I like about 200 are that CD drawer close itself if no activity for 60 seconds. Blue color display panel looks very nice. If you turn display off, it will still be on when no CD in the player. I really like this thoughtful design. Any button does not power up the player. Has to turn the power on from stand by button only. Remote can be little better with some glow in the dark type buttons.

Sound quality is very very excellent from my both players. Sound is very difficult to explain in the words, but put it this way; my wife care less about my this audio thingi, but since I got my Myryad player (first was Z110) she wanted to know how to turn the whole system up so she can listen the music too when I am not home. Then she wanted to put Myryad player into bedroom. Thats why I end up with two players.

Hope this helped.
I purchased the MCD600 as used about a four months ago.
The first thing that I noticed was the dynamic response,
and the sounstage is deep and wide. The MCD600 was able
to capture the essence of the recording. I would highly
recommend using a Isoballs or similar. The MCD600 body
tends to vibrate internally and picks up vibrations.