MySpace...great place to discover music

I have always favored alternative music, in particular the unsigned singer/songwriter that could be th next great storyteller. When I worked as a college music store manager as well as a promotions manager for the local indie record labels, I was able to keep tabs on up and coming artists. During my 5 years (ahem!) in college I had the opportunity to help promote great musicians such as Jeff Buckley, No Doubt, Trash Can Sinatras, Blacksmith Union, Janes Addiction, Rocket From the Crypt and a whole bunch more no one ever heard about.

Since my graduation from college, I have found it exceedingly difficult for me to discover new music. I try to go to as many live shows as possible but the reality of kids and work and my inability to stay up too late and function properly at work the next morning has limited this. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I recently discovered that a lot of new and great music from some very talented people are popping up all over MySpace and YouTube. I have always known about these sites but never visited them until recently. I feel like kid in a candy store. I cant believe the amount of new, fresh music you can find. I think its great that digital distribution and the net has allowed these artists a way to efficiently get their music out. I know many of these artists will never become famous, but quite frankly, I am not sure if that is the goal of these singer/songwriters. I think the ability to just get their message out and be heard is their main goal (of course if fame and fortune comes all the better). Anyway, I may be a little late coming to the party but I am glad I found another way to discover new music.
I found an old favorite, on MySpace. In 1991, I bought an album by Vinnie James (All American Boy), which I thought was fantastic. I kept looking for a follow-up, but never saw one. About 6 months ago, I found him on MySpace. He had a new album out, I bought it, and was not dissappointed. I still think he's a great singer/songwriter, and I'm glad MySpace gives him the opportunity to reconnect with old fans, and gain new ones.
Yes. I have found some great stuff on youtube and actually struck up some interesting online discussions with a few artists.