Mystere ia21 a good integrated ?

Im thinking of buying one that has almost no time on it.  

i dont like not having a remote but if it sounds that good i cañ live with it.  


Can we discuss punctuation and other bullcrap items in these forums? I didn’t get enough whining from the 60 yo at the gym today. 

"What others at that price point?"

yogiboy- It's a 12 year old amp. Compare it with the $3K tube amps of that time.

Some of the features-pentode output(most are ultralinear/triode) stepped volume and the build detail make it stand out. 

The OP likely is looking at close to, if not 1/2 the price, so it's a good deal. He just needs to find a pair of speakers that sound good to his ears. 

Just a subjective call.

its around $1200  and has 12hrs on it. female owns it.   is harving some hard times and has sold off all her Klipsch speakers and this is the last piece.

I told her keep it a while longer.  she can always pick up more klipsch but she will not find more of that same amp.

im probably going to buy something like a Willseton R8 because it has a remote. hers does not.


thanks all