Mystery feet vs Townshend pods vs Isoacustics

I am curios to know has anyone compared Mystery feet from Marigo labs with Townshend pods or Isoacustics pods and is there big difference between them? At the moment I have two sets from Marigo Labs (on loan) under my preamp and cd player and they make the differnece for the better. I have tryed Finite Elemente ceraball and cerapucs, but did not find them near as good as Marigo. Using basic Finite Elemente rack, tube amp and premp. Thank you.


The Finite Elemente Cerapucs have a high load rating and are usually used as the feet of a rack supporting several components. I have the Cerapuc on my FE Spider rack. The Cerapuc is not optimized for supporting lightweight components.

For individual components, the Townshend Seismic Pods are said to be one of the best isolation products in the current market, if not the best. They have several weight ratings to cater to different loads. The Isoacoustics equivalent which is the Orea is said to be inferior.