NAD T747 OR Marantz SR7005

I'm looking at a 7.1 surround w/Gallo A'diva's satellite speakers (87db, 8ohm nominal) and I'm in need of a receiver. At this point, I probably won't use the receiver for 3D or video switching, and plan on purchasing one of the new Oppo's for Blu Ray.

I was also considering the Integra 9.9 b-stock for sale on this site, or one of the newer Integra avr's that recently hit the market.

The simplicity of the NAD is very appealing; the Marantz would be future-proof should I need it; and the Integra has a great rep, as do the other two co's.

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts or opinions on the two receivers mentioned in the title? Or on the Integra?

Thank You
A quick comparison of both units shows that strictly from pure power output, the NAD is rated at 60W/ch all 7 channels driven. The Marantz is rated at 125W/ch two channels driven. Don't be fooled by the 125W/ch spec. Marantz derates their multi-channel receivers to 70% of the stated power. I know this for a fact. That woiuld make the SR7005 87.5W/channel all channels driven, 20hz-20khz. The NAD sells for around $1300.00 and the Marantz $1600.00.

Regarding sound and performance, they're probably both excellent and comparable. Both are loaded with features and seem to have all of the state of the art sound formats. Of course, nothing replaces listening and auditioning both in the store.

Marantz offers a 3 year manufacturer's warranty. I couldn't find any warranty period at the NAD site. With a Marantz AVR I owned a few years ago, that 3 year warranty came in handy. I had to take the unit to a local service center for warranty work on the volume control. Cost me nothing.
You might want to look at the Anthem AVRs, as well. They seem to represent great value (features/$) relative to the Anthem Pre-Pros, although they still might be a bit pricey relative to NAD/Integra/Marantz.

Good Luck

NAD is a product you cant go wrong with, I also agree with Anthem idea.......ever look at Rotel?
Agree-NAD. Different league although a good anthem is in that league. I love my NAD T775 - blew away the pioneer elite 92THX before it and the Rotel separates prior to that.
I had the chance to use my uncle's NAD T747, i was impressed. Center channel had a good volume, lots of details on music, midrange and bass sounded great on movies.
Anthem is a bit beyond NAD's league but all the same its in the same division :)