Nakamichi OMS 1A Disc Spins Too Fast

Hello all, new to the forum and a first post. Thanks in advance.
Some background regarding my OMS 1A disc player. It is part of a secondary system and I would like to keep it if it is a relatively inexpensive fix. When playing the first track on nearly every CD the disc spins too fast creating blurred skipping audio playback of vocals or instrumentals. However, when I skip forward to tracks 2 and beyond the disc slows and the audio is clear. With the top cover off I can hear and visually see the difference in the spin rate moving from track 1 through the remaining tracks. I did some air cleaning for dust, Q-tipped the laser, pulled and reseated the power supply connectors, and cleaned the CDs that I tested, but the results are the same. My initial thoughts are the fluctuations may be caused by a faulty disc motor or power supply but I appreciate the thoughts of others with greater expertise.