Name three of yours the most favourite drummers

I nominate the following

1. Mark Nauseef
2. Ginger Baker(yeah, the erly one!)
3. Jackie Liebezeit
{quote] if you like funk :

Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai live in Montreux) [/quote]

Also Steve Ferrone - "More Head" on CDbaby with Stoned Temple Pilots - awesome grooves on this live album.

other Funky groovemasters:
Dennis Chambers (currently touring with Sanatana and "Mr Pocket" - plays for hours with a perfect locked in groove!)
David Garibaldi (the amazing way he accents is just unbelieveable - you need a good system to hear it all though)
Harvey Mason (awesome stuff on "On Broadway" Weeekend in LA by George Bensen and on Headhunters - Hancock)
Maceo Parker Live on Planet Groove (has some excellent drumming by Kenward Dennard )
Mike Clark ( On Thrust - Herbie Hancock)
Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste (The Meters)

in trad jazz
Sonny Payne rules - just a perfect "goldilocks touch" not too much not too little but just right

I know few drummers, but recommend these:
Guenter Sommer's "Saechsische Schatulle" (Saxonian treasure-box) is a remarkable solo drumming album of the nontraditional jazz or free drumming vein. Poetic and humane.
Jaki Liebezeit's impeccable timing and his deliciously economical work add a lot to "Can"'s recordings, even to their weaker albums like "Flow motion".
And the various drummers and bunches of percussionists employed by Sun Ra are just fun; they sound tempestuous and provide for extra energy rather than just rhythm.
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