RIP: three Jazz Sax players

Three Jazz Saxaphone players gone this month and last. Ironically all played with the Ray Charles big band in the 50's and 60's.

David "Fathead" Newman
Hank Crawford
Leroy "Hog" Cooper
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I live in NYC and saw Fathead a few times about 15 years ago. He had that "something". RIP
I met Hank at a New Year's eve party in NYC in the early 90s. At its conclusion I got the chance to have a brief conversation with him. I told him how much I enjoyed his work on record and how happy I was to see him play live. He was very friendly and cordial. One thing that he said that has stayed with me since is that he dug all music that came from deep inside, regardless of genre, and that he had little good to say about the other kind. That is one thing you can say about Hank's music. While his sound and voicings were widely emulated few went as far inside.