NAS Storage

Does anyone have any experience with the newer NAS storage devices, acting as a server on an Ethernet network hooked up to a MAC or PC or both? What do you like and why?
I just finished setting up my computer audio system based on months of research. I highly recommend as a reference.

I went with a Mac Mini as my front-end, and i-Tunes as my playback software. All my music is stored in AIFF on a Drobo, which is attached to my network with a Droboshare. I ran wired Gigabit ethernet from my basement to my music room on the second floor of my home. Ethernet to the Mac Mini, Toslink to my DAC.

I went with a Drobo because it's simple to setup, you can use both a PC and a Mac at the same time, backup is automatic, and you're storage is only limited to the size of available hard drives.

I went Mac because of bit-perfect output without a bunch of tweaking unlike PC. When more high-rez music becomes available, I'll upgrage to a Mac Pro and run a Lynx AES16 card.

My music has never sounded better.

Hope this helps. . .
the new HP mediaserver EX485 supports Mac's it runs MS home server, it has the best PC backup and imaging software. The new model just came out, I don't know if it's shipping yet.

I also have a Thecus N5200 Pro which is outstanding with 5 drives and Raid 5,6,10 and ISCSI but that is more for Tech heads, and they have some newer models also.
Ditto Chris at set me up also with the Mac mini and Dac of my choice....he is the best,not to mention the easiest to talk to,good luck,Bob
I'm using a 1 terrabyte Time Capsule as an NAS. I have my home's first floor computers (including my wife's business machine) hardwired to the TC. My son's computer on the second floor access is wireless. I'm running a MacMini with a van de Hull Toslink cable to my DAC, & from there to my tube preamp and tube amp. I use iTunes for playback, and have all my music files in Lossless format. As for why I like it, foremost it's a Mac like the rest of our hardware, so setup,& interfacing with it is easy. The TC also automatically backs up the hardwired machines on the network. Thumbs up!
Rabco, can you access Rhapsody on your system? This is the reason I went with Sonos.
Jamesw20, interesting question. I haven't tried. The Rhapsody website lists the system requirements as specifying Windows OS of some kind, with no mention of Mac.Unless there's a work around I'm unaware of, I think the answer is no. Sorry about that!
Rabco, Just found this on the Rhapsody site:

Yes. You can play music from Safari and Firefox Web browsers with Rhapsody Online. Check if your Mac meets the system requirements to make sure you'll have the best listening experience. On Linux, you can play music from the Firefox Web browser