National Record Store Day is Saturday April 18th

A lot of in-store band appearances will be on Saturday.

Many stores are stocking specials that will only be available on Saturday.

Just Say'n!
Never missed a RSD yet. This will be my 8th in a row. Kinda like Christmas for me.

I know some of you don't like RSD, but for me, I can't wait.
RSD is awesome for the true LP fans and the local stores IMO. I can't stand the people that go to RSD and just buy certain records to only then later try to flip them on the interwebs for quadruple the price.

The excitement of RSD in some places is cool. The people that line up in front of the record store hours before to score some of their favorite LPs is quite the show.
Yesterday was both RSD and my birthday..... So I headed to my favorite record store, complete with vintage pinball machines, only to find the street blocked off and the bomb squad in action nt to the store. I'll be re-visiting today...
Unfortunately I missed it!! :(

I travelled a considerable distance to be at a wedding in London on the 18th.

Who schedules weddings on RSD????
It doesn't make any sense.... ;^)
Found an older Brian Eno album never on LP before, done as a National Record Store Day special.
@ Atmasphere: Which Eno LP? Is it available generally or was it an RSD-only release? I missed RSD this year, had too many chores.