NBS Professional vs. Kimber Illuminations Orchid?

I'm looking for a digital cable now.
I can pick up a used one, either NBS professional AES/EBU or Kimber Illuminations Orchid.
Then I would like to ask for your opinion which cable I should purchase and how they sound.
My CD Transport: Wadia 8
My DAC: Parasound D/AC 2000 Ultra.
Thank you very much.
I've never heard the NBS, but the KIMBER Illuminations ORCHID, is a stunning cable !! Razor Sharp image, the LEITZ of interconnects !!
I use the Unbalanced S/p-DIF Equivelent, the D-60. (Only because it's cheaper by half!)
Noting your E-mail name, "Tubelover", I will warn you. Like most Kimber Kables, they transmit as close to the "truth" as they can, and so many mortals find it a little intense, and on the wrong music, a little clinical, or perhaps too bright. But Many music Mastering Engineers consider the ORCHID the definitive AES Balanced cable out there, for making a perfect clone. And I personally tire of cables that editorialize, so have ended up with over half of my wire as Kimber based. Your WADIA in particular, can really take advantage of such supreme Linearity. I urge you to demo this ORCHID !!
Seattle Recording Engineer
The WavPhiler