Neat Petite or ACI Emerald

I need to put my speakers up and out of the way for awhile (3rd kid etc.) - I currently use and love Omegas and Red Wine gear but need some speakers that I can literally put on shelves and would be very grateful for input about the above speakers or any others (around 1k used and smallish) and other system tips- large room in NYC apt.- acoustic music and not at loud levels but full-bodied and organic-
thanks so much-
gradient end all true bookshelf speaker. no more expensive than the petite
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Emeralds all the way. The Neat stuff is OK, but IMHO, the current verion of the ACI Emerald is the best speaker that ACI has done (dollar for dollar, anyway). Kind of a sleeper from a sleeper company. Unless I'm mistaken, Neat doesn't offer the 30 day money back deal that ACI does. Not much to lose.
The Neats are one of the most musical monitors you can buy. Ive owned several Neat speakers and they always serve the music first. Another very good option are the Stone Image Audio Rothlischilde A2, one of the best monitors I have heard to date. I tend to view the ACI stuff as more hi-fi, good from top to bottom, good soundstaging but not as involving musically, at least the way I listen. I've owned briefly the Emerald and Sapphire III the latter compared directly with Neat Mystiques. The ACI do width well but the Neats have center fill and balance the music better IMO.