Need a good reputation repair shop for Mitsubishi DA-P20 preamp.

I had originally posted this in “Vintage” topic and only received one response  that recommended I buy a newer preamp as technology surely would exceed this vintage piece and while I understand and appreciate that viewpoint I’d still like to see what it might cost and it also works well with my amplifier so thought I’d try in this topic…

Fellow Agoners, I’m looking for recommendations of a repair shop preferably Nevada(my state), CA or Western US for my vintage Mitsubishi DA-P20 preamp. When powering up the preamp the sound is broken up and varies drastically in volume. After it’s warm it works fine, however the time to warm up without the problem keeps getting longer. I have a local shop and have had them repair a vintage amplifier but they only seem to fix exactly what is broken(appreciate that) and won’t consider that a 1975 era preamp might need capacitors replaced or at least they won’t take on that rebuild  job. While I appreciate them not taking advantage of the repair situation I also don’t get a warm fuzzy about their repairs as the first repair they did had issues.

Suggestions from those that have actually used the repair shop they are recommending are greatly appreciated.


I would call the factory and see if they will still service the unit, which if it is old enough, they probably won't.  However, they may refer you to a third party service center, in which case I would go with them. 

I have had good luck with a place in southern CA, if I can find the phone number, I will post it here.   You can give them the make and model number over the phone and they can tell you if they can service it.  

Thanks for the response, good idea but the audio division of Mitsubishi closed many, many years ago.

Is the L.A. repair shop George Myers?

No, this is the place:


They have repaired three big AV receivers for me, they all still work just fine.  Overall, I have been very pleased with their response and turn around time.  Hopefully, nothing else goes bad that I can't fix myself, but if so, I'll ship it to them.


Great thanks for the recommendation, I’ll contact them. I’ve had mixed reviews of George Myers repairs so wasn’t going that route.

Thanks again!

call james at high end repair in phoenix.  he does a ton of vintage work.  highly recommend for quality of service