Need a low-compliance cart for the Cherry Tonearm

37 gram mass!

I've heard the DL-103 and wasn't impressed but maybe it's better than what else is out there? Price range $100-$200.

Would I find a vintage or lesser known on E-Bay? Can anybody name names?
I've used both low-mass and high-mass carts on mine with equal success (I really like this $200 arm). Am currently using a SoundSmith retipped DL-103, the version with the ruby cantilever and line contact stylus. Earlier I've tried a Pickering TL-2S, Grace F9E, and a borrowed Koetsu Rosewood. Seems pointless to focus on the 37g mass spec since I've yet to find a cart that doesn't work wonders on this arm. Better, every cart has tracked like a demon, with no inner groove distortion, and exhibited no hum at all despite the absence of a ground connection. Good luck with yours. Dave