Need a TERRIFIC phono stage at a GREAT Price?

I needed a Very good MC/MM phono stage but I didn't want to spend a fortune. After some research I found WILLIAMS HART Electronics located in Wales. I bought the kit version of the 1450 Shunt Feedback RIAA phono stage along with the ADANTE high performance power supply for Appx. $325 US shipped. In a word "outstanding". Smooth,detailed,airy without grain and quiet, extremely quiet. Do yourself a favor and check out the web site ( You can thank me later.
NO, I simply bought one of these kit's and found it to be an outstanding product. I can see how this could look like an ad but I did not know of another way to pass along the information.
I know, but you are in Audiogon...

The phono stage you refer to is highly regarded among the DIY brigade in European audio forums.

Just remember, you are in Audiogon...
Forget it, Adam. He'll never get to the point. It would be nice, though, if you gave us readers more of a reference (e.g. other stages).
Thank you for your support.Most of my reference stages were relatively inexpensive (Adcom, creek). I did have the opportunity to compare it to the Acous-tech stage and I thought it was it's equal. Not bad at $325. I think that any post such as mine should be greeted with a healthy dose of skeptisism due to the many shill's out there just trying to influence sales. Thus, I am not offended at all by Psychanimal. I just think we need to approach things with a more open mind. In the words of the great Ronald Reagan, "Trust but verify"
Dear Adam13, Thank you for your interesting post. I want to order and build a Williams Hart Phono Preamplifier and Power Supply. Then I'll write a review about its assembly and performance. cordially, Richard