Need advice on Marantz SR-5300 with Rotel RB 985

I have a Rotel RSP 980 which is Pro Logic only and need to replace it with something that gives me Dolby Digital. Been trying to get a good deal on a preamp on videogon with no luck so far. Then I came across the Marantz SR-5300 for $400.

Question is: Should I sell both Rotels and just use the Marantz? Just sell the Rotel preamp and use the pre outs on the Marantz to drive my Rotel amp? Or should I look for a better way to spend $400? The Acurus ACT 3 deals are all sold allready it looks like. :(
Why don't you look into adding the Rotel RDA-980 Dolby Digital decoder and perhaps even the RDA-985 DTS decoder to the RSP980. It is an easy setup and there are plenty of them for sale on Ebay.