Need advice on new TT

Hi all

I'm currently using a restored Garrarad 301 but looking to go for a modern TT. Budget is around 20k$
My short list so far is Brinkmann Balance, Kronos Sparta and AMG Viella. I'm looking only for a table to use with my current 2 arms - Reed 3p and Ortofon 309D.
Any thoughts you wanna share with me on this ?
Thanks in advance to all repliers.
Regarding the above, three things I would like to know:
1) What other table uses a ceramic no lube required bearing?
2) What other table uses a platter dished out to one quarter of a degree?
3) What do you mean, 992 bugs?

PS- Rolex is for posers. Grand Seiko Spring Drive. Now that's a watch.
Thanks so far to all repliers.
I swore to myself a couple of years ago to try and stick with "non-boutique" companies with products with good reselling value. That's mainly in mechanics based equipment like turntables and arms where you will not find parts when the company is down.
That's the reason I'm thinking of Brinkmann as a first choice and that's the reason i'm hesitant with [probably] great products as the Dohmann Helix and Wave kinetics. 
I know that's conservative of me.  I am from Israel and market here is small so not too many options to audition where is turntables auditions are very tricky as you need to have same arm and cart if you want to do it properly.
There is a Continuum Caliburn available here for $65K. A good value at this price!
Also a Thales TT and arm here for $11.5K. A demo from High End Zone in NM. That arm looks interesting!