Need advice on speaker cable

I'm building a home theater system that contains Yamaha 2095 and Paradigm speakers(monitor 9, cc350, adp350s). Can anyone give me some advice on choosing good speaker cables? I am not looking for extremely high-end stuff and I am not familiar with the jargons such as capacitence, impedence, XLR, etc. Is there a good source on the net about this? Thank you in advance.
im using audioquest with paradigm refernce speakers - nice. They make a crystal line which is their bottom end of high end - 10ft goes for like 200$. If the paradigms can be bi-wired, then do that - just tell the speaker cable company that you need single b-wires i.e. single amp side to double speaker side. Also remember that paradigms need large spades (5/16) and not regular sized. Good luck
listen to the nordost line of interconnects and speaker cables. no matter what your budget you'll find a match. start with the blue heaven line, you'll love dawn is much more expensive (intercon) but not as good. However, red dawn speaker cables are very good, SPM and Quatro Fil will blow you away, period end of story.
Recently visited the U.S.A. and saw some nice cable at Radio Shack: 8 gauge stranded cable for car stereo use, comes thickly insulated in red and black, for just pennies a foot. Buy this and spend all the $$$ you saved on CD's!
I use Wireworld on my Paradigm Eclipse BP, CC-450 and ADP-450. I started with the Atlantis which I thought was very good ($ 320.00 for 10' pair), now I'm moving up to the Equinox III for the main 3 channels and keeping my 8 meter run of Atlantis for my rears. I think when you use Wireworld in your system you should use for all connections. It works best that way.
If you haven't already, visit Audio Review ( You will find all of the customer reviews that you could ever ask for. If you want a professional review online, try,,, etc. Happy reading!