Need at least 900wpc in 4ohm

Suggestions for what can do the job? Thanks.
Steve -

Per the Stereophile review the JC1s measured:

585W @ 8 Ohms
1154W @ 4 Ohms
2255W @ 2 Ohms
4.2kW @ 1 Ohm

Google it and you can see the tests. Krell is another great choice!
Parasound JC1 testing from Stereophile:

With continuous drive, the Parasound clipped at 545W into 8 ohms (27.4dBW)¬óway above the specified 400W. ("Clipping" is defined, as usual, as the power level where the measured THD figure reaches 1%, and is shown in fig.7 as the horizontal magenta line.) With a low-duty-cycle 1kHz toneburst more representative of music, the Halo was a powerhouse. Its clipping power increased by 0.3dB into 8 ohms, reaching 586.5W at 1% THD (27.7dBW, fig.7, black trace), with 1154W available into 4 ohms (27.6dBW, blue), 2255W into 2 ohms (27.5W, green), and no less than 4.2kW into 1 ohm (27.2dBW, magenta). The latter is equivalent to an output current of 64.7A!

Sounds fantastic too!
Why do we need a car with 350 horsepower? Why do we need a 5 bedroom 3 bath 2 story house for a family of 3?
Because the "bigger must be better" theory of life!

Most people have no clue that an average living room needs only about 2-3 watts of actual power to drive the speakers at 90db sound pressure level. The trick is when there's a peak in the music that needs 100 watts or 500 watts for a millisecond, you won't hear clipping or distortion for that fleeting amount of time when the amp is called on for the reserve power.

This is the reason that the government outlawed specifying home audio amps using peak power. In the old days, if the output was rated at 1,000 watts peak power (maybe for a nanosecond), the actual RMS power output was about 50 watts. Which rating do you think makes better advertising?

BTW, in their infinite wisdom, they forgot to include automotive power amps, so the car amp manufacturers can claim 1,000,000 watts of power without specifying for how long and into what load.

I have a McIntosh MC2500 (500wpc) feeding a pair of Martin Logan Quest hybrid electrostatics to my home theater 9.2 system for that reason. Plenty of reserve.