Need DAC recommendation.

What component do I need to take the 5.1/DD digital audio feed from my Motorola 5100 hi-def cable box and give my preamp a 2 channel signal. I am looking to upgrade the sound from the standard right and left audio outputs of the 5100. Is there a setting on the 5100 which outputs a 48 or 44.1 2 channel signal? For DVD playback, I set my Sony 9000 to a 5.1 downmix which sends a 48kHz/16bit signal to my Accuphase DAC, which is a vast improvement over the R-L audio output of the 9000. I am currently a 2 channel guy and my system is posted. Many thanks.
In fact, Sony 9000es offers you a good quality analog playback. Have you ever try on it? Thumb or the rule to choose gear, your sonic taste.

Wadia 27ix could be a good DA, but may not be your cup of tea.

Answer yourself clearly is the first and inevitable step.


the best dac's possible in my opinion are:
weiss medea and burmester 980 or meitner dac6 0r dcc2
it's possible to help you out !email me !