Need demo CD's for RMAF

I need some help. I want tot play some demo CD/SACD/s at the RMAF. Looking for some really cool jazz CD's and some Latin Jazz Percussion. The bar is pretty high because our room has been really highly praised in the past.
My shopping cart on Amazon includes Trombone Shorty's Backatown. Stefon Harris Grand Unification Theory ( the first cd from Stefon but he plays the Vibes. Not sure if this is his best CD so you help here would be appreciated ) and Camino Latino (Latin Journey) et al Paco Luviano.
I am really open but the CD's must have huge sound stage both side ways and front to back plus good music would help. Our room has been praised for its pure sound so we would like to play CD's that have that purity.

Thanks for your help
Ollabelle "Ollabelle",
Tito Puente "Mambo Birdland"
Luciana Souza "The New Bossa Nova"
Martin Taylor "Double Standards"
Lizz Wright "Dreaming Wide Awake"
Trio de Paz "Somewhere"
McLaughlin/Ponty/Clarke "Rite of Strings"
Marcelo Zarvos "Music Journal" MA recording
Morelenbaum 2/Sakamoto: "Casa" (Tribute to Jobim)
Corea/Burton "The New Crystal Silence"

That's a push start.
Valerie Joyce, "New York Blue," is an unusually fine recording from Chesky, which I often use to demo. Don't know if it fits your genre requirements, though. Herbie Mann's "Live at the Village Gate" is also fine, though it tends to the very "stereo-y" presentation one often hears in Jazz of that era. Good Luck, John
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Last year at the show a couple guys from NY came in and stayed for quite a while. They gave me four of the NY Audio Rave CD's Very cool. The 2007 CD had "Sing Sang Sung" by Gordon Goodwin. Really cool. I will put "Singin for the Fences" in my cart.

I tried to reply to your email with the Doc Severensen CD. My email got bounce back so just want to thank you for the recommendation. I put Doc in my cart.

This is going to be an expensive cart. Oh well.

Thanks again
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Here are some jazz CDs that I would use. Any interest in classical?


Mark O'Connor - Hot Swing Trio - In Full Swing

Ernie Watts - Musician

Blood, Sweat, & Tears - Blood Sweat & Tears (2nd Album, with David Clayton Thomas)

Clifford Brown - with Strings

Bert van den Brink & Hein van de Geyn: Friendship
Han Bennink, Michiel Borstlap, Ernst Glerum: Monk
Ornstein, Overwater, Kegel: Jungle Boldie
Thanks for all the response. I need to a lot of listening to the samples on amazon. Can't wait to get a bunch of new CD's. Does anyone have a Stefon Harris CD they can recommend. I heard a cut on the radio and couldn't find the track or CD. The cut was just killer. Great vibes.

I didn't know that song was on the CD you recommended. I love that song.

Thanks again and don't stop with the recommendation.

"Last year at the show a couple guys from NY came in and stayed for quite a while. They gave me four of the NY Audio Rave CD's Very cool. The 2007 CD had "Sing Sang Sung" by Gordon Goodwin. Really cool. I will put "Singin for the Fences" in my cart.


Glad you enjoyed them...sorry I couldn't make the show this year.
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I brought the four CD's that you gave me to the show this year. Really enjoy them and I want to thank you for gift. Played Black Coffee, Peggy Lee and I can't seem to eject that CD without playing a little of Richie Havens, "Follow". His voice just floods my memories "The Banality of Evil" by Nine Horses. Makes me think of Alberto Gonzales approving torture. Kind of dark by Nine Horses. Audio Rave 2008. And on Sunday I played " Mary, Don't You Weep For Me" Aretha Franklin. Had to miss church. Hope they forgive me. I am member of the Church Of The Self Righteous Caucasians. Not sure I can afford to belong much longer however.

Thanks again and sorry I missed you guys.
Next year.

I kind of had a Santa Claus moment this year. Kara brought her model 222 tape head pre amplifier. So here we are listening to 1/4 track from the tape transport heads into her pre amplifier, into her Mercury pre amplifier. Not being a tape guy it took a couple of days for me to get used to it. Missing was the hype, the high frequency extension, and some of the ambience and tapes don't go up much past 15khz. but the thickness the weight of the presentation was just stunning and made CD's and vinyl sound like toys. Kara played a piano piece and the weight of the piano was crazy. Analogue for sure.
There are sure to be blogs on Stereophile, Jason Victor Serinus and TAS Chris Martens might have something to say.

Of the CD's I bought on Amazon I ended up playing two that I think were really cool. I want to thank those who recommended them

Lizz Wright and "Dreaming Wide Awake" just awesome. Played her a lot. So natural sounding, not audiophile junk.
And Ollabelle. simply enjoyment music. Produced by T Bone Burnett.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


this might be a preview. from the show in San Francisco