need DVD recorder help

First I am not sure if I should post this under HT or Digital but here goes. I am looking for a dvd recorder that has a simplified finalazation step. I have very poor vision and can not manuver on screen menues. I do a lot of tape to DVD transfering and currently have to ask someone else to do the finalizing for me. Its a real pain. Is there anything with a one button finaliz or something similar?

Second question; has any other manufacture other than panasonic incorperated a flexable time recording mode? last time I looked most if not all others offered 2-4-6-8 hr recording while panasonic could be set to the actual time 2hr 25 min for example.

Thanks for any help you can give me

look for a combo DVD-VHS recorder that has one touch dubbing from DVD to VHS or VHS to DVD. I know there is one made by JVC that does it and it seems like this should be a common feature on most combo players. I've had some experience working on my father-in-laws JVC combo player, and it seems like finalization was pretty simple, but I can't remember.
My Sony RDR-HX900 dvd recorder is very easy to use, although finalizing is still done thru the on-screen menu. I have a 50" tv, so seeing a menu is no problem for me-I know that doesn't help you. The recording speeds are: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6 hour. Bear in mind that the longer recording times (4 hrs +) do not give good video performance.