Need help buying new speaker cable

My Tara Labs Apollo speaker cable broke at the negative terminal end.  I will need to replace them.  What cables would you recommend?  I would like to know what cables out there would be comparable.  I would like to upgrade but they need to be affordable. A local dealer recommended Audioquest Robin Hood’s but they cost $2,000.  I just can’t spend that much money.  I am looking at Audioquest Rocket 88’s for $1,150.  Any ideas?  I would also like to know what the sound difference be compared to my Appolo’s?  I still have a difficult time you can hear a sound difference between one cable and another.  
As an electrical engineer, and somebody who has a pretty extensive knowledge about wiring. I see absolutely no way ’ultra expensive’ high quality oxygen free stranded wire, regardless of the amount of strands it has, will in (short lengths especially) make any difference whatsoever.

With analog cables, sheilding is extremely important so differences in quality would surely effect the noise floor...

Please, somebody show me proof as to how this phenomenon of higher fidelity will be the result of me spending thousands on several meters of cable. Just because I don’t see how it’s possible doesn’t mean it isn’t, but none of my professors at RPI would jump on this bandwagon.
Making use of The Cable Company's inventory of used cables is the most practical way to find what works best in your setup. If you can't hear a difference in sound then just worry about how well they are constructed. Good luck. 
@larry5729, I trust you know nothing starts a fight in an empty bar faster than a discussion about speaker cables, right? I guess I’m with elliottbnewcombjr on this one. If you like the cables you have, why not fix ’em? Otherwise, I would suggest you read the following:

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I’ve listened to high-end systems (at least 3 to 4 hours each time and sometimes more) wired with AQ Robin Hood, Kimber Cable Ascent Series (can’t remember model), Transparent (can’t remember model but several thousand bucks a pair), Monoprice (12 gauge), Monstor (12 gauge) and AQ Type 4 within the last year. All of those systems sounded very, very nice. The only credible way to arrive at any conclusions about which cables will sound best, to you, is to try them under your own roof in your own system.

Good Luck!
Unscrew one of your binding posts and see if you have a hole in the rod. If you do, see if the banana plug will fit in the hole. If so, you can feed the wire in from the top, bottom or either side and clamp it down with the nut. You should then have a more flush connection. If using Z bananas the nut might crush the shaft a bit, however it can be bent back into shape after use, if you want to re-sell.