Need Help Choosing UST Projector Screen

Hey guys, new to the home theater space and sort of getting overwhelmed with projector screen choices.
I have narrowed down the projector to an Changhong V8S (because I can get a nice discount).
Hopefully it provides enough lumens for daytime living room viewing. Now I need help choosing a projector screen.
I have looked at elite screens, vividstorm screens, and a couple other brands but the more I look, the more I get confused. Can someone shed some light? Any info would be appreciated!
The most important thing is to make sure you get a "real" short throw "ambient light rejecting" screen.  A lot of distributors put screens in the "short throw" category, but they are nothing different than a normal flat/textured screen and really do not work well.

A short throw screen will have triangle ridges built into the screen surface itself.  You need this because the projector is placed very close to the screen and projects light up at an extreme angle.  A normal screen would not show an image here because the natural room light will wash out and overpower the projector image.  This link has a picture example, if you scroll down to the screen section:

The Elite "CLR" models are the only ones they have which are made for short throw.  CLR stands for Ceiling Light Rejecting and they only allow the projector to be placed at the bottom of the screen to project upwards.

Vividstorm has lot of options.  You need to look at only the ones with description "For UST ALR Laser".  Some are perforated screens which allow you to place a speaker directly behind the screen.  I don't think these are as good because they need to be acoustically transparent, but they are an option if you want to hide your center channel.  There are also Vividstorm models specifically made for either a bottom mounted project or a ceiling mounted projector.  This is important because the triangle edges on the screen have to face the projector for proper reflection of the image.

I don't think there are any differences with the actual screen on the Vividstorm models.  There appears to be slight differences on the Elite CLR, CLR2, and CLR3.  It seems the CLR is the only one that has the "Starbright CLR" material.  The CLR2 has a coating that allows for easy cleaning.  If you are really interested, I would call them and ask for the specific differences.
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