Need help: foobar2000, Airport Express and Airfoil

I've been using Airport Express (AE) and Airfoil for some time to redirect the output of Windows Media Player and Rhapsody via my home wireless network to an Airport Express connected to my home stereo system. I use the mini-tosklink digital output on the AE and connect it to one of the optical digital inputs on my pre/pro. Works like a charm.

Recently decided to try the same configuration for foobar2000 as I wanted to play some flac files. Foobar2000 works well when I use the headphone outputs of my laptop, but when I try to redirect the output to AE using Airfoil, I get maybe one or two seconds of clean sound and then it goes into a slow reverb. My laptop is running the latest version of Airfoil and has updated XP SP2.

The foobar2000 v0.9.4.2 settings are default:
Output Device: Primary Sound Driver
Buffer Length: 1000 ms (I tried 2000 to no avail)
Output data format: 16-bit
Dither: Off (I tried ON to no avail)

This is the response I got from Rogue Amoeba, the Airfoil developer:

"Unfortunately, Foobar2000 outputs audio in a non-standard way, and Airfoil doesn't currently support it. We've attempted to contact the developers on this issue and suggested a potential fix, but have yet to hear back. We hope to work with it in the future, but currently it is not supported."

I'm hoping someone can suggest a work-around as I'm sure I've read on some forums of instances where foobar, airfoil and AE played nice together.