Need help on electrolytic cap replacement

I have just finished a rebuild of the crossover of a pair of Klipsch Lascala's. I have/had a fisher x101-d which sounds incredible with the speakers. It is in for service and I have sold off all of my expensive amps after the Fisher throughly spanked it. I bought some more Fishers for back-up and the livingroom. (not main listening) A 500c and x100.

The problem is neither is a quiet as the x101-d. Are the electrolytics worn out and getting noisy. The x100 my tech guy said was Ok. It does not sound Ok to me?

I know what caps can do as the Duelund in the crossover is fantastic! So I do not mind spending for quality.

So I really need a very good recomendation on a DEAD quiet electrolytic cap for the Fishers. Is that why the other Fishers do not sound as good? Noisy electrolytic caps?

What values do you need?

You can try to track down Black Gates or you could check out Mundorf's electrolytics.
The black gates are the best....have not heard the new mundorf series but the M-lytics are very good. Also Rubycon Z series are supposed to be quiet.

You're heading down a road that requires very good related equipment....

I upgraded my preamp with black gates...My system now requires very good power cables....but they make a absolute difference in the quality of sound.

Good luck and happy listening...I have enjoyed your diary.
Thanks Wavetrader.

All would be excellent but I found out that the output transformer blew in the x101-d. I thought another Fisher would be as good but they are not??? So I will either have to fix the one Fisher or try and get the others sounding better.

So a good electrolytic will just be quieter? (which is VERY important in itself) or are there other differences?