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DIY Nearfield Monitors
If you change the driver's placement on the baffle(distance from each other AND edges), you are changing the sound.IMO, pick up a pair of KEF Q100's and put the drivers in a new enclosure to your liking. There is no accounting for baffle diffracti... 
Wilson Sophias and Jolida Integrated
They appear to dip below 4ohms, you need a high current amp. 
Most forgiving high end speaker 10k-20k?
upgrading speaker crossovers
Still thinking if I should change the electrolytics or not.I would. Unless you have a very large value, not enough space, or are on a strict budget, they don't belong in speaker crossovers. 
Any McIntosh C48 owners out there?
I don't believe Mac has released drivers for it yet. 
Multi Channel Amp question
Unless you're worried about the current they're drawing at idle, I wouldn't bother. 
Marantz CD6004 vs Cambridge Azur 650C
Cambridge will be more extended than Marantz. 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
I didn't say it sounded "bad" either. Other than it being difficult make a fair comparison due to what appeared to be different levels of gain, the unit did appear to change the sound field. As for better or worse, that would be for the listener t... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Marc, why does it sound like your panties are in a bunch? My responses above is from my experience demoing to the unit, not "theory". 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Definitely gain. 
Wyred 4 sound vs Red Dragon digital mono blocks??
Magfan, there are more than minor difference between early Class D and recent Class D amps, the early ones are awful in comparison.Your PSAudio integrated also has an input buffer and modified ICE modules? 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
When in active mode, it changes the amount of gain, making it nearly impossible for a true A-B. 
Tube Pre-Amp for Class D amps
Check out BAT(Balanced Audio Technology). 
Mods for Avantgarde speakers
Chad, Duelund and V-Cap sound are very different. If you like the organic nature of Duelund caps, V-Caps are not for you. 
No, You Cannot Bi-Amp
That's humor?I'd hate to see you pissed off.