Need Help To ID Power Transformer

I have a tranny that was in a tube guitar amp that is NOT original to the unit. At the time (Late 70's) I worked in a stereo repair shop and the owner slapped this tranny in the guitar amp and it worked. It still does but I don't have the specs. I suspect it came from a Stereo Tube unit ala Fisher, Scott, Dynaco, etc. which where still popular, at least for repairs, at the time.

I am trying to find out who made it and what the specs are so that I can use it for another project.

Stamped on the bottom of the unit in white is:

and just below that:
1005622 also in white.

The wires are NOT cloth.
They are as follows:
Black and a Black/White tied together

Do any of you Tube Guru's have any idea what this is or where I can find some info on it? So far I've had no luck with on-line searches.
What is the amp's brand, model, and year of manufacture?

If it's currently in production then consult the manufacturer. If not then Aspen Pittman's tube handbook is a great starting point. It has schematics for many older guitar amps and should include transformer specs.

Be careful because many manufacturers reuse old amp names. For example there have been many versions of the Fender Twin over the years.