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Replace 12AU7 with 6SN7 ?
12AU7 and related 9 pin triodes have a center tapped filament that can run on 12 or 6 volts depending on whether the segments are wired in series or parallel. In most amps they run on 6 volts as that saves having a special 12 volt secondary windin... 
Audiophile Staff
I read about a Japanese audiophile whose name I can't remember in Stereophile many years ago. He kept his audio collection in a dedicated 5 story building with many different systems on the various floors, and much of one floor devoted to LP stora... 
Need Help To ID Power Transformer
What is the amp's brand, model, and year of manufacture? If it's currently in production then consult the manufacturer. If not then Aspen Pittman's tube handbook is a great starting point. It has schematics for many older guitar amps and should in... 
Why do McIntosh come with cheap plastic remotes?
The remote quality issue becomes really important to me when certain functions can only be accessed from the remote. If the remote dies the gear can become useless. For older gear it can be impossible to obtain a replacement should that become nec... 
Lead shielding
Only use lead if you are running a nuclear powered system. 
CD vs CD/SACD Player – Tube-based or Not
Elevik - no matter how you slice and dice the byte stream in the player the CD only contains 2 channels of 16 bit audio sampled at 44.1 khz each. 
Well-produced recent jazz cd's - recommendations?
Stone Flower - Antonio Carlos Jobim Wonderful sound. 
Pass Labs XVR-1 crossover
I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I've used the XVR-1 for about 5 years. 
Pass Labs XVR-1 crossover
I use an XVR-1 to replace the electronic crossover that came with my Apogee Studio Grand speakers. The XVR-1 is much more transparent than the Apogee crossover, and does not leave a signature on the music.As Whitecap mentions, the XVR-1 is very co... 
Firing up old tube amps. Should I worry?
Electrolytic capacitors deform over time when not exposed to voltage. The oxide layer that forms the dielectric slowly dissolves. Capacitors that wee rated at 450 working volts when new might only be able to handle a fraction of that after 15 year... 
Older is better - D/A chip?
Audioengr--The Nyquist Sampling Theorem requires the use of a reconstruction filter to remove ultrasonic images of the audio signal no matter what dac implementation one uses. This filtering can be implemented either digitally or by analog circuit... 
Does fair trade still exist
Whether we call it price fixing or something else, it still represents an attempt by the manufacturer to disrupt free market competition among its dealers. Many manufacturers dread having their products become commodities and try to keep retail pr... 
what Fi?
I always thought it was proportional to the thickness of the front panel..... 
Does fair trade still exist
Apple plays the same game. I thought it was called "price fixing". 
online seller
Do you really want to buy equipment of unknown origin from a foreign seller who can't even manage an online web site or answer emails properly?