Need help with a forced downgrade

So I find myself in the unfortunate position of needing to sell my current turntable a VPI Prime and downgrade to a less expensive table to generate some funds to pay off debt. I am giving myself about $600-700 for a budget. I will be keeping my 2M Black cartridge and Icon Audio PS1 phono preamp for now. If you were in this position what would you be looking at that wouldn't be a huge disappointment.
I’d sell the 2M Black and PS1 and keep the table. Neither will make a $600 TT sound great. In the meantime go with a less expensive cart (like a Denon DL-103) used for less than $200 and a Schiit Mani for $129 new until you have funds to invest back into your analog rig.

Maybe this suggestion doesn't yield enough funds compared to selling the VPI?  Understood if that's the case.