Need Help with a Hardware Bracket set-up...

I own an Oracle Delphi Mark V Turntable, with a (Black African Granite base). It sits on a blue/gray vein~white marble shelf at my house. I also have a full-sized clear acrylic dust cover, which fits over top of all this turntable & base. The problem I'm having is, that there's also another Permanent self,right above this turntable shelf. It too, is solid 16" wide X 6 foot longX 1-inch thick marble.

What I'm looking for is, some kinda shelf brackets that can attach & slide out from the shelf that now suspends the "Heavy" Oracle turntable,so that I can pull out the Oracle away from underneath the overhead shelf& out & away from underneath. Then when I'm "NOT" using the Oracle on this shelf, I can slide it back into it's normal shelf position.

Question: can someone hook me up with something? As far as brackets, etc.. I can get another piece of white marble to attach to this bracket to fit under my Oracle Delphi & make this work (Custom Made)
Let Me know what you can come up with ??

Thanks for your time & searching,

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A.) You're talking about adding a lot more weight to an assembly that, from the way you describe it, is already pretty heavy. I doubt that the wall fasteners used to attach the existing marble shelves to the wall will be able to take it -- Oops!!

B.) And even if additional weight on the lower shelf isn't a problem, even the best, heavy duty industrial slider hardware, has way too much play to provide a solid foundation for a TT (especially when extended.) You would be very disappointed in your lovely turntable's performance afterward.

My suggestion (if that's the best place for your TT) would be to remove a section of the lower shelf, wide enough to accomodate the TT etc., and create an 8" (+/_) deep recess to lower the turntable so it's clear of the shelf above.
Nsgarch has it right. I have a roll out assembly similar to what you want, but mine only has to support a Maple shelf and VPI 17F record cleaning machine.

My record cleaning machine still manages to vibrate what is an otherwise very sturdy shelf, I cannot imagine a heavy turntable being happy on that kind of rig.