Need Help with Amp Ground/electric prob.

I have a rega Elicit amplifier and I live in an old apartment that seems to have a poor build structurally. When I got the amp i turned it on and a static/crackle sound came from the right channel only. I hooked the left speaker to the right channel and the static/crackle i right in eliminating the speakers. At various points in time the right channel will have 20-30 periods where it discharges an airy hissing sounds and then it will stop. the static/crackle sound and the airy hissing discharge don't seem to be effected by the volume control and remain constant. After a long listening session to see if it needed to break in, I turned the unit off and went to sleep and then the next morning I woke up and turned it on and a loud piercing buzzing, like a turntable that isn't grounded, come from the right channel only. after a couple of day the buzzing sound stopped and the static/crackle was back. could the wiring in the sockets cause the amp to malfunction and shut down? In any case, i thought that the unit might have been damaged in shipping so i sent it to the authorized service center and he returned it saying it works fine. I plugged it in and the same problem exists....the repair guy didn't have any problems... What should I do, please email me suggestions or technical know how that can help diagnose the problem.... thanks for your time and consideration, floyd
This could be a number of things , disconnect inputs and try running , if problem still there , I would suspect either an arcing power switch , loose pcb mount grounding screw , or there actually is a problem such as a capacitor , poor solder joint , or semiconductor breakdown , in which case if you are technically inclined , get the service manual . Get it anyways if you plan on keeping the amp. as most go out of print within a couple of years and photocopies are terrible for schematic reading down the road . Also , eliminate ac line "hash" that can be caused by light dimmers , fridge , air cond. cycles , elecric motors , etc. GOOD LUCK!
From your description of the problem I would say that the problem exists somewhere between the volume control and speaker jack.First try cleaning switches and controls with good contact cleaner.Second would be to tap various parts of circuitry while unit is connected to speakers and operating.Last would be to use hair dryer and freeze spray to check for noisy component.Good Luck.oerating.Last would be to heat and cool components to check for thermal problems. Good Luck.
I would eliminate the power source by hooking your amp up at a friends to verify that the amp is operating ok like the technician said. Nothing like checking it out yourself. If it sounds good there then look at what's different maybe your power source. If not I would remove components till the condition doesn't exist the last piece should give you a clue to what's going on.