Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII

Giving up on the SET amps.  I don't want to replace another expensive tube and the heat from 805 tubes is a warm weather deal breaker.  Considering the Pass XA25 but maybe the Gamut and its higher power rating would be a better option and allow a greater range of speakers to be used.  Can anyone comment on how the Gamuts compare to the XA25 in terms of detail retrieval and transparency (and any sonic differences).  Many thanks!
Having heard both extensively & i'm also a gamut owner in one my setups. So it goes without saying that my vote is for a gamut esp since you have suggested with what you want.
All the best.
I have had Gamut more than once integrated and D200i.
Sound is good but lack the transparency that my ears need. I tried several speakers to my ears they only sounds good with Gamut speakers.
I would suggest Gato audio with you want Danish mofets output design signature.
Excellent look and sounding.

Unfortunately I have never listened to the Chord. But you can save yourself some money with the 680, as the 780 I have I purchased as a demo for same price as new 680. They sound very similar. 
Giving up on the SET amps. I don't want to replace another expensive tube and the heat from 805 tubes is a warm weather deal breaker. Considering the Pass XA25
@lcherepkai  That's a big leap. The heat of tube amplifiers comes mostly from the class of operation. In this regard a solid state amp will make about 90% of the same heat if operating in the same class. SETs are class A, and so are many of the Pass Labs amps. That's how they get the sound that they do. I am curious- there are tube amps out there that might be easier to live with than an 805-based SET, which would sound better and make more power (and may well make less heat, since SETs are inefficient in this regard). Why the big leap to solid state? If the heat is such a big deal, have you considered class D?
atmosphere---the 45w my JAS Array 2.1 puts out is about the minimum I could use and get the sound levels I want.  I've had 2 of these amps and love the liquid midrange and the palpable 3 dimensional images and everything else I've heard has sounded veiled in comparison.  A couple gainclones have had an acceptable sound so I think I can get (mostly) to where I want to go with solid state.  And as mentioned, I don't want to spend the bucks on more tubes.  It's close to $1000 to get the tubes I want/had for this amp.  And my experiences with class D are the early PS Audio and Wyred4Sound amps and neither moved me at all.  I hear that class D has come a long way but both amps I mentioned have many excellent reviews indicating they may be the sound I'm looking for.  Thanks.