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Marantz vs. Arcam
@erik_squires ok. I didn't personally have to bother with the setup, so no clue on these details. Just sharing what I heard.  Cheers   
Marantz vs. Arcam
@erik_squires Hey! Anthem does have a room correction software. Although not sure how it compares to Dirac in the Arcam. Guess best to stick with what ones comfortable with.  Cheers     
Marantz vs. Arcam
I agree with your marantz & arcam comparison. The Yamaha is great too with very good eq possibilities. Also the Yamaha i'm told has better reliability as told by my installer.   I'm an Arcam user & but recently i heard the anthem receiver.... 
Project Debut Carbon EVO vs. Technics SL-1500C vs Technics SL-1210GR
@katylied  Can you please elaborate, How do the Rega & Tecnhics differ in sound?  
GIK alternatives
You can also check Vicoustic i find them very good & have ordered a few . I too found GIK a bit too expensive comparatively .  
Best Speakers for a small Nearfield room, budget at most $10000 (used is also ok)
Incase you are still not invested in amps & esp since its not a dedicated room Any active spk with a manageable foot print should be a better option.  
Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII
Having heard both extensively & i'm also a gamut owner in one my setups. So it goes without saying that my vote is for a gamut esp since you have suggested with what you want.All the best.Cheers 
Tad CR1's or Blade 1's
Some information on the rest of the gear in the chain & the room might help a bit.Both spk in question sound different i think. Give them a listen. Could be an easier way to decide. All the best Cheers  
Which stereo amp to try under $30k
Some great suggestions. You should definitely try out Audionet, Luxman, Vitus and the Naim.All the best.  
I need bass
Form  the list of spk i've not heard the golden ears for a very long time so would not comment if the bass is active they might float your bass bit. The deftech don't think will fill the need for smooth highs & fast bass either. The PMC ive he... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
All the best matt. Looking forward to your reviews the new role. Cheers  
Duelund internal speaker wire?
I agree with what grannyring is saying. In one of my setups i  have an old tannoy system 1200 for which we used internal duelund silver along with duelund xover parts.Not sure which spk internal cable you wish to upgrade but the main question you ... 
Whats the FATTEST sounding Tube amp to warm up Lean speakers?
A Octave with the 6550 tube might do the job.Although not sure how warm a sound you want.All the best.Cheers 
Am i missing something without a power conditioner?
@audiotroy how would you compare the isotek to a transparent conditioner & power cable. Esp what you feel it does to the sound?Thanks  
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
since we are all at it, what are your observations on MQA ?any good? or just some more marketing hype?