Need Media Storage Racks/Shelving

Hi all!

I want to better organize all of my media (albums, 45s, CDs, DVDs, VHS, cassettes, etc.)

I see a lot of cheap racks, bookcases, etc. but I don't want that cheap stuff.

I have been considering having a local woodworker make some stuff up for me.

Can anyone point me to better quality media storage units?

Thanks in advance!

They're not cheap, but I like CanAm storage for my CD's. Very sturdy. Clean design. Stackable/expandable, and holds a lot of media in a relatively small space. Not for everyone, but certainly an option to consider.
Well, here are a few that I or my friend use:

My friend uses these, and they look great and are very solid.
Boltz LP racks

I use these for my DVD collection.
Boltz CD & DVD racks

And, I use these for my LP collection. (Note: I have a double wide version, which I assume they still make.)

I hope that helps!
Music Direct LP racks
I use decibel design cabinets for Cd's VHS, etc

For records I use Per Madison cabinets unfortunately he has closed shop. I suggest you look into Core Audio Designs
Good Luck!
I had build me a few custom pieces which I am very happy with. You may want to check him out. He specializes in audio furniture, speakers and acoustic treatments.
i have three of the largest cabinets from and i have been very pleased with them. They are solid oak cabinets that are great for cds--each holds almost 900 cds -- they also do other size cabinets and cabinets for other media
Thanks for the responses! They are greatly appreciated.

Core Audio Designs does not make the LP racks any more. The guy contacted me and apologized for his web site being out of date.

I'm looking into a couple of the other suggested builders; there are a couple products that are very interesting.

I was wanting Hickory wood but about all everyone uses is oak. Oak is nice but everyone has it. I want to be a bit different.

I do have a Billy Bags storage unit but I do not care for the tubing as shelves because CDs have been known to fall through the tubes.

If there are more suggestions please let me know what they are!