Need parts for vintage McIntosh 2205

My old Mac amp that I bought in 1981 was recently found in the attic. It is in bad shape and I want to have it fully restored. I know that a new glass panel is available and that the amplifier can still be repaired,  however -the bezel that surrounds the meter is broken and that part is no longer available

Does anyone know where I can find one ? Ddrs anyone make them??  please help
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I'm sure that VU meters aren't critical to sound, so I would suggest you first to 'accelerate' your unit with variac by slowly incrementing to operational voltage first.
I did same to Marantz receiver sitting for over 20 years.

Did you try Ebay,there are lots of sellers you can contact who ,might be able to help you out.
Im sure Audio Classics can find you a plastic frame that will complete your restoration. What I would be more concerned about is do you have a original box? Audio classics can help with that as well. That is one hell of a nice amplifier you have dusted off, I hope you do have it restored, although I doubt they will have to do that much to make it right. These amps are beasts.

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