Need passive aggressive advice

To scratch an itch of mine I purchased a preowned Placette passive device and now I'm hooked!
Passives are very system dependent as we all know but I'm stoked on what its doing, or should I say, not doing in my Horn/300B system,
Since I can't leave well enough alone, I'm looking at more "modern" passive designs and have narrowed it down to three of them.
1) latest from Tortuga
2) " The Truth" from the Horn Shoppe
3) Axiom with Walker mods
All with remote. A MUST for me.
I'm assuming that they will all surpass the vishay placette in transparency. ASSUMING.

Appreciate any and all suggestions/comments/alternatives.

Thanks for your time


I recently replaced my preamp with a new Schiit Freya that has 3 options: Passive, FET, and tube. The passive and FET sound alike (with short cables anyway), the tube stage has so much more gain it's a hard comparison, but the tubes seem to have more detail or at least more interesting tone for my tastes. Note that although the passive and FET modes have to be cranked up for my little SE amp to work, they do sound very good.
That's a very interesting discussion for me, as I now also in this ""passive" dilemma, which made worse by necessety of HT bypass. I am not an Electrical Engineer, but conversation with some passive Pre makers reveals that they may have difficulties of implementing such very simple on the surface feature.
If Freya had a I bypass it already will be in my rack )), I love an ability to switch options and play.