Need Power Amp advice

Need recommendations for a Power Amp to match Golden Ear Aon 3
Speakers for 2nd system. 
$1000 budget. 
Looking for all around performance. 
I listen from The Who to Bob Dylan. 

This Aragon is a hell of a deal!

Aragon 4004 MkII $850
- dual mono
-  200w/2 @ 8 Ω, 400w/2 @ 4 Ω, stable down to 1 Ω
- known as the poor man's Krell


     I used an Aragon 4004 MKII to drive a pair of fairly inefficient Magnepans for several years.  It's a good amp that I thought sounded good in my system from top to bottom.  I know from personal experience, however, that there's a very affordable amp you can buy new for hundreds less than a used Aragon which I believe you'll enjoy much more.

     I had to replace my class A/B Aragon a few years ago due to leaking caps in the power supply.  I didn't want to spend the $1k repair estimate and didn't have the funds at the time for another new or used class A/B amp so I bought a class D  amp for $630 that I had read very good things about.  

     It was a Class D Audio SDS-440-CS. that I thought of as a temporary solution until I bought another expensive class A/B amp, but it was so surprisingly good.that I never bothered.  This powerful (220/440 watts @  8/4 ohms), small, lightweight, efficient and cool running class D amp significantly outperformed my former powerful ( 200/400 watt @ 8/4 ohms), large, heavy, inefficient and hot running class A/B Aragon amp in every  way I care about.  It had better bass response due to its very high damping factor, it was quieter due to its very high Signal to Noise ratio, had better dynamics due to its very wide Dynamic Range and more detailed due to its extremely low distortion and very low noise floor.  I would categorize the mid-range and treble performance as similar to the Aragon but even smoother mids and more extended and more detailed highs.
     I'm not familiar with your speakers but I think this amp would be a very good performer with almost any speakers. This little amp is not exactly ugly but it's definitely not audio jewelry.  But if you're more concerned with sound quality than cosmetics, it's a real bargain.
  Good luck,


Many good suggestions here. On the integrated front check out the NuPrime IDA-8. I’ve been using the IDA-16 and have been thoroughly pleased with everything about it.



Getting very interesting recommendations from all sides.  The Class D Audio Amp off the beaten path sure stands out. Will be looking at all amps mentioned. 
Thanks folks.
B&K EX442 Sonata, 200 into 8, 360 into 4, 75 amps peak to peak - extremely tube like and you can score one for about $400-450.

Also I've seen a Sonographe SA400 which looks really nice too for about $600.  

The larger Perreaux's look very interesting too.  The older stuff is very musical.....
I second the Odyssey Audio Khartago amp suggestion.  You get an in-home trial period, so you only have the shipping charges to lose.  I have been using an Odyssey HT3 for ~11 years now.  Love it.