Need pre-amp advice

Am considering what pre-amp will best compliment my Adagios pushed by nu-force 9s.Choice is between Shindo,Aesthetix and Lamm used between 2500 and 5000.Do not want to upgrade anytime soon need something I will not regret later.which is going to let the music through.
Check out the Audiogon new listing of Thor Audio T2000 Gorgeous piece.Full preamp..That one won't last long..Bargian price..I wish I could buy it myself.....
Go with a tube preamp,and I hope you are using a good aftermarket power cord and using some type of AC line conditiioning. I am a Nuforce dealer, and know of what I speak. :)
Hello, You should definately consider NAT Audio preamps. They are very open, dynamic and natural sounding - many people have commented on these components and one model (Plasma R0 with 10 tubes is within your range.

Best of luck
NAT Symmetrical is light years ahead of your list of choices and in your price range.
My previous pre are BAT REX and BAT 51SE. I know.

Would suggest the Audio Horizons tube line stage.There is a natural synergy between the AH and NuForce.Review the Audio Horizons thread on this forum for more details,two of the contributors have this combination and claim it is a winner.