Need recomended wire for amplifier mod.

I found a local tech to upgrade my hk775 monaural amps (1981). Besides replacing caps, I want to eliminate the infrasonic and ultrasonic filters which board is located first in the signal path and which will require new wire to bypass and eliminate. Wire looks like silver and is stranded. I don't know what guage but not especially large, and large guage would probably be difficult to work with. The tech is old,old school and I don't trust him to have quality wire. I would like to send wire with the amps to him and am wondering if someone could recommend a quality wire(not through the roof quality) that might be appropriate and that I could buy in smaller quantities.
Steve McCormack brilliantly used Shunyata Cohergenic to upgrade the internal wire on my DNA-1 amp this year. The upgrade made an already good amp (Rev. A) sound more relaxed and effortless without loosing any detail. I'm quite happy.

I'd say if it's good enough for him it's good enough. Hope this helps.
Michael Percy is a long time parts supplier online who is very knowledgeable.
Also try Parts Conexion. Michael Percey gets a thumbs up too

I recently bought some Neotech OCC for a DIY project and am pleased with the results