Need small subwoofer for thump

First of all my listening room is 10 X 11 so it is small and I have a near field setup which is great. No problems with that. I use full range towers without a sub and the sound is great. They will get down into the 30s; however, my problem is a lack of grunt. I'd like to feel a little bit of thump of the bass drum. I was thinking of adding a small sub just to give me a little bit of physical presence.

Is a sub what I need? If so, what would be recommended.
The supercube 3 has a 7.5 in driver.
The supercube 2 has a 8 in driver.
My money is on the supercube 1 with a 10 inch driver.
I have 2 supercube reference subs (ea with 14 in driver) in a room double the size of yours and they are great.
My room is small and all I need is a little bit of dynamic thump to push me over. Plus, for that small thump those subs aren't that least for me.
There is a new supercube 1 on ebay right now for $874 and a used supercube 2 for $600. Goodluck on your project.
you can get a used mirage or energy (same company) sub on ebay for less than $150 on ebay--they're both very musical. the paradigm pdr 8 or pdr 10 will also serve you fine in the same range. for a few bucks more, an hsu stf will give you A BIGGER BUMP.