Need small subwoofer for thump

First of all my listening room is 10 X 11 so it is small and I have a near field setup which is great. No problems with that. I use full range towers without a sub and the sound is great. They will get down into the 30s; however, my problem is a lack of grunt. I'd like to feel a little bit of thump of the bass drum. I was thinking of adding a small sub just to give me a little bit of physical presence.

Is a sub what I need? If so, what would be recommended.
try the small sunfire subs a small footprint with good bass for their size.
The Mirage Omni S8 is a very competent small sub and they're often available on ebay at good prices. It worked better for me in a small room than the much larger HSU STF-2.
The supercube 3 has a 7.5 in driver.
The supercube 2 has a 8 in driver.
My money is on the supercube 1 with a 10 inch driver.
I have 2 supercube reference subs (ea with 14 in driver) in a room double the size of yours and they are great.
My room is small and all I need is a little bit of dynamic thump to push me over. Plus, for that small thump those subs aren't that least for me.
There is a new supercube 1 on ebay right now for $874 and a used supercube 2 for $600. Goodluck on your project.
you can get a used mirage or energy (same company) sub on ebay for less than $150 on ebay--they're both very musical. the paradigm pdr 8 or pdr 10 will also serve you fine in the same range. for a few bucks more, an hsu stf will give you A BIGGER BUMP.
I have had a lot of experience trying to match various subs at different price points with monitor speakers in small rooms that size. If your floor standers get down into the 30hz area, that should be more than enough bass to fill that room, and provide plenty of "slam" for most types of music. If you insist on more, but are not concerned that much about quality of bass, there are a lot of affordable subs that will give you more "thump", but most of the cheaper ones will create problems with boominess, colorations, lack of detail and mis-matches with your main speakers. This will be most noticeable when playing acoustic music, and often annoying. Better quality, smaller subs such as the mentioned MJ acoustics or REL's would be a safer bet, but may run $500 and up on the used market. These tend to be far less colored, tighter, and faster. What kind of floorstanders and amp are you using now? You may want to look into an amp that proves to be a better match for your speakers.
Outlaw Audio has a good small sub you should check out. I've been using it for years with great success.