Need some help.

Right now I'm demoing a paradigm defiance x10 with my wind speakers.  Room size 14x24x8. Sounds great.  I had my mrx720 do the room correction.  It set the cross overs to 120 and 80 hz, should I change this? I will be doing 2 subs. This sub does add plenty of bass to the room. Also one other question,  has anyone ever demoed the paradigm prestige 1000sw?  Cant find any reviews on the 1000sw. The other demo I'm looking at is rel t9i.  2ch and ht. Just looking for little help thanks.
Which sub? At this point I'm thinking Gary Oldman's character in Leon The Professional (the longer/better version of The Professional) when he calls for backup. How many? "All of them!" What do you mean? And he screams, "ALLLLLLL OF THEMMMMMMMMM!!!!!"
What do u mean Miller? I guess I had multi question.  The first was the correction on the demo, x10. In the setting of the mrx720 it shows xovers set at 120 and 80. I was wondering if I should change those settings.  Other question was, has anyone ever demoed a paradigm 1000sw, I can not seem to find a place to demo it.
The answers are all over the site on the various subwoofer threads. Whole bunch of them recently. Look especially for the comments from noble_100 (Tim) and Audiokinesis (Duke) as they have the most experience. Audiokinesis especially does this professionally and still somehow finds time to post his always highly informative comments.

Basically, the number of subs is much more important than which subs. More subs spread around the room produces more modes making for smoother bass. EQ, room correction, whatever you want to call it, can at best make things better at one point but only at the cost of making things worse somewhere else. The big modes you get from few subs or EQ is energy that takes time to dissipate, which while that is happening is heard as muddy or slow bass. So smooth bass is faster bass. For smooth bass you want 3 or even better 4 subs.

So don’t worry which sub. Which sub doesn’t hardly even matter. Unlike the movie, in which case you definitely want Leon: The Professional and not the shorter The Professional.

And sorry, too late now to edit but the line is, "EVERYONE!!!!!"
I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven.