Need to increase Zoom sound level issues when streaming to Audio System

I have Zoom on my iPad that is streaming to my Apple TV to my LG OLED TV.  I have an optical cable from the TV going to my Benchmark DAC3 HGC TO my Musical Fidelity M6Si amplifier.

We were listening last Wednesday to a lecture, and we could not get the volume to play loud enough.  My amp volume was set at 5 o’clock (very high).  I changed the jumpers on my DAC from -20db to -10db and it is better, I think (I will confirm next Wednesday). 

Does Zoom have any audio settings (on my iPad) l that allows me to increase the output gain? I looked everywhere and found nothing.  I am hoping I can increase Zoom's volume output gain so I can go back to -20db settings on my Benchmark DAC. Thanks. 

In summary, I want to increase the iPad's Zoom audio gain output so I can return my DAC's jumper settings to -20db.  This results in a correct volume setting for EVERYTHING except for Zoom.  If this is not possible, do I have any other options?  thanks.





@noromance, Thanks for the info.  I looked everywhere and cannot find Zoom Settings that allow me to change the output level on my iPad.

Based on my limited research, I might not be able to increase the Zoom volume on my iPad.  Do you have other suggestions?  Thanks.....

What about a small line level preamp in line with the iPad output that you can adjust separately?

@noromance, Thanks. My iPad connects wirelessly to my Apple TV that connects to my TV, etc. I do not see how a preamp will help. My action is:

1) I will call Apple Support on Sunday for advice.

2) I will call Zoom support.

3) I will test the volume again next Wednesday to see what happens. If I have time. I hope to set up another text Zoom call to see what happens.

4)  If none of the above work, I will replace this DAC with another DAC from my main system.

I returned my benchmark jumpers to -20db.  Volume control is around 10am and is sounding fine.  I tested Amazon and its sound is also okay.  I will call Apple and Zoom for advice.  I do not understand why the volume is so low when using Zoom. I will test again on Wednesday.  I cannot find any volume controls on Zoom or my iPad. 

I was on a Zoom call this morning and discovered a tab to increase the volume. So, on Wednesday I will look for the test computer volume tab and see what happens. I will set my amp volume for normal and increase the zoom volume and see what happens. This is going to be interesting if it works. Thanks.