Need to increase Zoom sound level issues when streaming to Audio System

I have Zoom on my iPad that is streaming to my Apple TV to my LG OLED TV.  I have an optical cable from the TV going to my Benchmark DAC3 HGC TO my Musical Fidelity M6Si amplifier.

We were listening last Wednesday to a lecture, and we could not get the volume to play loud enough.  My amp volume was set at 5 o’clock (very high).  I changed the jumpers on my DAC from -20db to -10db and it is better, I think (I will confirm next Wednesday). 

Does Zoom have any audio settings (on my iPad) l that allows me to increase the output gain? I looked everywhere and found nothing.  I am hoping I can increase Zoom's volume output gain so I can go back to -20db settings on my Benchmark DAC. Thanks. 

In summary, I want to increase the iPad's Zoom audio gain output so I can return my DAC's jumper settings to -20db.  This results in a correct volume setting for EVERYTHING except for Zoom.  If this is not possible, do I have any other options?  thanks.





Zoom customer support said the issue was my amplifier and I should contact the company.  

I replied back and repeated my request that I need more audio gain from Zoom running on my iPad.  

Zoom replied back and “suggested I use the volume controls on my iPad”. This is an excellent suggestion.  I wonder why no else suggested it.  My current volume setting might be at 50% and maybe much lower.  I do not know.  I will test it tonight during my Zoom session.   I hope this works.  We will see.  Thanks.


I increased the volume on my iPad to the maximum and my amps volume setting is back to normal. My integrated amp volume setting Is now around 9-10 o’clock and not 5 o’clock+. Everything is working fine.

I asked many people for help but Zoom Customer Support provided the right answer to solve my volume setting issues on my amp. Thanks Zoom.  



No one suggested that because we assumed you had tried that already. It's not rocket science!

@noromance,  When dealing with technology issues, including and especially audio, every thing needs to be checked and checked again. This especially includes the obvious things like the volume control on my iPad.  I asked many friends for help and no one suggested the iPad’s volume control.  

In my case, I was concerned since I had to turn my amps volume up very high so we could hear. Many components were involved and, to be honest, I forgot about the iPad’s volume controls.  The best news is thanks to Zoom Customer Support, everything works perfectly now.  Thank you for your post. 

@hgeifman Tell me about it! It happens us all. Too often the solution is staring us in the face. Best of luck.