Needs advice for Power/Int Amp up to ~2700$ (New/Used) - MF/McIntosh

Decided on a bigger budget: 3000$-5000$

My Speakers: 2.5 way Floor standing Scan-Speaks self made (20Hz-20KHz).

I use only digital sources (Toslink/HDMI). I need a a new pre as well and thought of the essence HDAC II.


1. Musical fidelity M6 PRX

2. Musical Fidelity M6i (and will be used as a pre + Ex DAC)

3.. A Used McIntosh (I had McIntosh’s in my car and they sounded great) - but I can’t find something in the budget (MA5300?).

4. Odyssey Audio Khartago or Startos Stereo/Mono

5. The new Yamaha AS-1200 - looks great, sound?

6. Marantz model 30?

7. Benchmark ABH2




i have no idea what your speakers sound like or what sound you like

but just on my experience with amps, using the criteria of excellent performance, purity/transparency/neutrality, ability to drive most real world speakers, and excellent value (performance for $ spent)

i would say

odyssey stratos/plus

mid level hegel (h120/h160/h190)

schiit aegir monos (if you can run balanced)

 You could add Anthem MCA 225 gen 2 to your list. They should drive most any speaker.

The anthem you've mentioned has perfect specs (same as the MF M6prx). I wonder what makes the difference between these and much more pricier amps which have less perfect specs but are 'known' to be 'better' (better to the listener, so let's say for most listeners?)

My speakers are self-made/designed 2.5 way Scan-speak speakers (2x7" with 9900 revelator). And the next ones, will be similar but probably will have tighter bass response.

I listen to all kinds of music from mainstream to heavy rock.

I like clean sound but not harsh.

I got one more amp into the list: Luxman Lx505uxii.

Have you checked the Parasound Halo Integrated has everything you need

Great sounding good company.

+1 on the Parasound Halo Integrated.

I had one and it was fabulous. I needed tech support to set up a driver for the DAC.

There customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced.

I have 20K in my amp and pre amp currently. If I had to go back to the Halo Integrated....I'd be just fine. These can be had under 2K used.


I think I'll take the DAC out and just use an external one. 

Maybe even separate the pre-amp and the power amp (and focus first on an excellent power or integrated).

I'll check the Parasound.


I have a MA5200, which is similar to the MA5300 you listed and I love it.  I would also look at the Yamaha you listed as well as the Parasound offerings.