Network/Ethernet Improvements Suggestions

Hi guys,

I've been thinking about upgrading my streamer (Innuos Zen Mini mkiii w/Innuos PSU), but was thinking I could, maybe should look at/take care of the network side of things first.

At the moment, my streamer is fed as follows;

  • ISP Modem -> TP Link Archer Router
  • Router -> Cat 6 shielded ethernet from living room into listening room
  • Cat 6 -> TP Link media converters, Ethernet -> Optical -> Ethernet (2nd converter powered by an ifi Power 2 plug)
  • DH Labs Ethernet Cable to regular consumer network switch w/ifi Power 2 plug (suggested by the chap at Network Acoustics whose name escapes me)
  • Network switch to Network Acoustics Eno, fed by Network Acoustics ethernet cable
  • Network Acoustics Eno to Innuos Zen Mini mkiii

My first instinct is to swap out the regular consumer switch for something like the LHY-SW8 switch, but any suggestions to the contrary, or additional measures would be welcome. 

Thanks guys ūüĎć


Would consider a LPS on the second media converter and then Ethernet direct to your player. 

There, I said it. The optical fiber may have a nice audible difference. The rest I believe is not worth the time and effort. Have used fiber in several systems. The one that showed the most benefit was when fed a Verizon fiber connection. 

Also tried a Cisco Catalyst 2960 via copper connection on the router side. It was ok but not as good. Will try that side with fiber from the Cisco soon. 

I kind of know how you feel. I always think there's better sound out there. But not sure there is.

My system is somewhat similar to yours TP-Link Router to Netgear GS105 consumer switch (it's supposed to be a good one) with ifi power wart. Wired directly to a SOtM network isolator like the Eno wired to the streamer. In this case my streamer is the SOtM SMS200 ultra neo.

Actually, everything sounds great. I use Qobuz > HQ Player > Streamer > Chord Hugo TT2. So, it should sound good.

You didn't mention your DAC but that's certainly a key player.

I haven't any experience with the Zen Mini but I have read criticisms of it online. Folks that improved that one item and said it made a big difference. Does it? I don't really know.

I've read pros and cons to using a fiber connection, too. Have you tried eliminating that one part and seeing if it was a good addition or not?


Thanks for this. I've also read somewhere that using an optic "firebreak" in the chain can bring it's own issues, can't remember what that was now.

DAC is a Cen Grand DSDAC 1.0 Super Clock -> Marantz Model 30 -> ATC SCM40's.

I am happy with how my system sounds overall; I can't help thinking I could do more with the network connection with the streamer, and should try and optimise this before upgrading the Zen Mini to something else